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Daniel Penn Associates, LLC - Antonio Rodriguez

CMC Certified Member
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151 Park Ave, Suite 106
West Hartford, CT 06127
United States
Daniel Penn Associates, LLC - Antonio Rodriguez

Daniel Penn Associates:

Helping you manage change and sustain improvements.

Daniel Penn Associates engages your peopleprocesses and systems to implement change and achieve sustainable bottom line results for your business or organization.

With more than 35 years experience working with manufacturing, financial services, public sector and health care organizations, we help clients achieve productivity improvements of 25-35% and cost savings of 10-20%. We’ll look at your operating expenses and inventories, cost avoidance measures, processes and procedures – all in an effort to help you boost efficiency, satisfy your customers and increase revenue.

What We Do
Daniel Penn Associates helps businesses and organizations get lean, reduce costs and optimize their supply chain. We don’t just make recommendations. We work with you, side by side, to make things happen. We help you improve your organization’s performance and reduce costs. We help you assess and promote continuous progress at all levels. We’re committed to providing the tools, the know-how and the systems that can have a profound impact on your short, medium and long-term growth.

Whether you’re manufacturing components, managing investments, serving your bank’s customers, treating patients or delivering electricity, the pursuit of Lean must involve every function and department: from marketing and product development, to engineering and production, to planning, administration and customer service, staffing, to supply chain management, equipment maintenance, inventory control and warehousing.

Daniel Penn Associates helps clients in these sectors streamline operations, improve performance, reduce lead times and enhance customer service.

Daniel Penn Associates can help your organization assess performance, design and implement solutions and track results. We focus on your objectives, stage projects, ensure active participation at all levels and remain flexible enough to meet your daily operating priorities.

Visit us at danielpenn.com

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Visit our website: www.danielpenn.com/
Daniel Penn Associates, LLC - Antonio Rodriguez | 151 Park Ave, Suite 106 West Hartford, CT 06127 United States | 860x-232x-8577
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