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NorthStar Management - Don Matheson CMC

CMC Certified Member
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1852 Banking St.
Ste. 9301
Greensboro, NC 27408
United States
NorthStar Management - Don Matheson CMC
NorthStar is dedicated to being the premiere management resource for companies and organizations that are seeking to increase sustainability, improve cash flow, raise operational performance, and enhance profitability in both the near and long term.

All NorthStar professionals are certified with a minimum of 15 or more years in their areas of expertise. Disciplines include management, manufacturing, distribution, holding companies, banks, auto dealers, contractors, transportation companies, municipalities, property management companies, hospitals, bottlers, hotels and hospitality groups, theme parks, electronics, and imaging companies.

NorthStar Values & Guiding Principles:
  • We will always maintain client improvement and well-being as our number one objective and responsibility.
  • We will continue to hone our individual skills and our collaborative tools while developing additional world class solutions to real world problems.
  • We will treat every engagement as a partnership and ensure that we bring value to our partner.
  • We will only accept assignments for which we possess the requisite experience and competence to perform effectively.
  • We recognize that communities are the sum of its individuals, businesses, and organizations, and we will ensure that our actions are always designed to enhance the communities in which we operate.
Expert knowledge propelling your company profits to new heights.
NorthStar Management is an industry leader in business advisory and professional services. Our team of expert professionals helps companies generate cash flow and improve profitability. NorthStar maintains a success rate in excess of 90% and has a track record of strong repeat business with companies that want to maintain or strengthen their competitive edge.

Regardless of business size or the magnitude of the issues facing the business, NorthStar has the knowledge and tools required to help boost margins, lower breakeven points, and increase profitability.

Each NorthStar partner personally endorses the Institute of Management Consultants Code of Ethics, guaranteeing the strongest commitment to clients, the public and the profession.

Company Services:

Northstar Pledge to the Industry.
If NorthStar Management does not provide the management or consulting services that you seek, we will assist you without charge in locating a service provider appropriate to your requirements.

Visit our website: northstarone.com/
NorthStar Management - Don Matheson CMC | 1852 Banking St. Ste. 9301 Greensboro, NC 27408 United States | 800x-763x-6636
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